About Me

I’m a Software Developer/Engineer from Vancouver, B.C. I graduated from UBC with a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering in 2014, and have been developing software since then.

Ever since I began developing professionally, I’ve been drawn to the tangible and objective qualities that make software easier to maintain and more reflective of business needs. I’ve always found something quite beautiful about software that speaks the language of the business, rather than the language of implementation decisions and details.

I’m always interested in new challenges that allow me to explore these areas. Most recently, being a founder of a startup offered me a lot of great experience with the interplay of software and business needs. I also find that great learning comes from seeking out challenges that add business value past simply delivering on the expected requirements.

Looking forward to learning in the challenges ahead!

Topics of Interest

There are a few specific topics that I’m most interested in at the moment. They will likely be the focus of future blog posts:

  • Universal Tradeoffs in Software: There are common abstract tradeoffs that continually reappear in all aspects software design. These tradeoffs come up in design discussions at all levels of software, from class design, to application design, to framework design. I’m very interested in the idea of creating an abstract catalog of these tradeoffs.
  • Making Software Easier to ‘Reason About’: Recent dives into functional reactive programming and unidirectional architectures has me interested in formalizing what makes software easier to ‘reason about’, in ways that the concepts of the business domain are still the primary focus of the code.
  • Human Motivation: I’m very introspective in nature, and recent introspection has me fascinated with different perspectives on human motivation, particularly those based in evolutionary psychology & gameful design / gamification.


Non-software Interests

  • Music: mostly listening to progressive rock/metal, and playing guitar and drums casually
  • Hockey: Canucks fan for over 15 years, still haven’t gotten over the 2011 cup run.
  • Movies & Television: Specifically movies directed by David Fincher, Damien Chazelle, and Christopher Nolan, and any comedy series involving Michael Schur